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Confident Reading Program


Confident Reading Program

We connect urban males to adult mentors. Coaches will instill confidence and provide assistance to ensure reading becomes an adventure and learning experience that opens other doors to learning opportunities.
We will provide resources and technologies to improve reading levels; create hands-on learning opportunities via reading challenges, literacy fairs, reading activities, and reintroduce spelling bees. Incentives will be given to promote literacy performance. This program designation is for grades 3 – 5.

This program designation is for grades 3 – 5

Teach Me 2 Tie Program

This program designation is for grades 6 – 8

The Teach Me 2 Tie program is designed to provide young men with the skills, education, resources, and support to become confident and develop a positive self-image. Students will participate in sessions focusing on: The Importance of Goals/Visions and The Importance of Knowing all the Facts – Reality Check! Upon completion of the program, a tie of a specific color will be presented to the young men during the final ceremony session. Dependent on their grade, the young men will receive either a Royal Blue (6th grade), Black (7th grade) or Silver (8th grade) tie with an explanation of the significance of the respective colors. This program designation is for grades 6 – 8.

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Boys to Men

Boys to Men is a program for high school young men that teaches finance, etiquette training, life skills, education options, and personal choices. Each session is comprised of a speaker and activities that support the topic for that lesson. Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will receive a tailored suit with shoes, socks, shirt, and tie. In addition, the participants are invited to experience a five-star meal at a local restaurant.

This program designation is for grades 9 – 12


BWS Boys to Men Banquet


Blue Collar

The Blue Collar Program will provide young men with a comprehensive roadmap to career building. This is an investment in the lives of young men to enhance their leadership skills, create self-confidence, and connections among business leaders and peers, and help prepare them for situations that require the next level of decision-making competencies. During the sessions, professional men will share their career paths, including lessons learned and the importance of self-development.  An on-site learning tour will be held at a local business. This will give the young men an opportunity to experience the workplace in real time. Our goal is to foster a commitment to young men that will promote strong interpersonal skills, career goal-setting, and planning.

This program designation is for grades 9 – 12

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