“If you do things BETTER and make WISER decisions you will become a STRONGER person." - Founders


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The purpose of Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Is to mentor  young men to build a life platform of respect, confidence and strong relationships while reducing and removing barriers that have lessened their ability to have successful life outcomes.

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The Mission

The mission of Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Is though mentoring we will build young men's confidence and help them become BETTER to make WISER decisions to become a STRONGER person for successful life outcomes.

The Vision 

The vision of Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Is that young men will have the opportunity to build the basic, foundational, formative life and emotional skills to make good decisions and create the best of life altering directions.

Our Objective

The Objective of Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. We provide young men with the support, education, guidance and resources that will promote valor, manhood and confidence.


Learning Environment

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Will provide an atmosphere conducive to learning with either classroom style, role playing or one-on-one tutoring. Certified professionals will help young men apply life skills applications such as job and career readiness, on -the-job skills training, resume building, college/academic search, how to sessions for filling out employment applications, and how to dress for an interview.


Mentoring Program

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Will provide mentoring and peer teaching opportunities to young men within the community. Through this process Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Will link young men with mentors that will provide not only encouragement, career direction and relationship protocols but will also help build character while promoting self-esteem.

Community Resources

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Will help link young men and their families with supportive resources within the community. Young men will have opportunities to attend culturally enriching activities that will provide exposure to diversity in efforts to reduce the fear of the unknown. Other supportive services include various support groups and life enrichment classes that will help build basic technical skills such as: computer skills, small equipment, appliances, etc.